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From groundbreaking legal actions to innovative care models, we contribute to a transformative approach in youth mental health..


We do not step down against a challenge, instead we speak up. Following the settlement of a significant lawsuit organized by our President and CEO, Heidi Baskfield, the state of Colorado must now develop a system of youth mental healthcare.

So, now what? Speak Our Minds is leading an education campaign that will provide Colorado consumers with the information they need to be an active participant in the state’s plans for implementation. We believe the users of this system are the experts who should guide us on how to build a working system. Equipping people with the information they need to speak up, share and advocate is how we build a sustainable solution.



In 2023, over three million youth lost their Medicaid coverage because a system glitch. This occurred during the largest public health crisis of their generation: the current youth mental health infrastructure failure. States spend millions each year on private companies to manage the system intended to prevent this kind of “system glitch.” These same companies have not been held held accountable in designing and implementing deeply needed solutions. Meanwhile, youth are going without access to critical mental health care.

Speak Our Minds responded by organizing an emergency meeting with these company leaders. Our goal: to ensure for the creation and implementation of a standardized system resolution for Medicaid across every state that will STOP THE DROP of eligible children and youth from Medicaid and ensure for their retroactive eligibility without putting the burden on families.


Almost half of American youth, though covered by Medicaid and CHIP, suffer limited access to mental health care under commercial insurance, often leading to no care or cash-only options. To counter this practice, we developed a model of care focused on comprehensive benefits and an always accessible provider network. Our aim is for this to be implemented across Colorado, Texas and beyond, to bridge the gap in mental health services for youths lacking adequate coverage.


Don’t be tight-lipped about the challenges in youth mental health. Raise your voice and support our mission to create impactful change. Become a fearless fixer and join us in our efforts.

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