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system fails
Our Youth Mental Health System is Broken

Parents, providers, policy makers and professionals – time is of the essence to transform the youth mental health system. Together, we can speak our minds and drive for change.

First, we need to get smart. Then, we need to act. Highlighted below are the key system fails that are standing in the way of our children getting the care they need.

When our kids don’t get the care they need and wind up experiencing a mental health crisis that leaves them stranded in a hospital emergency room for WEEKS.
Millions of youth have been kicked off Medicaid leaving them unable to access the mental healthcare they need during the largest public health crisis of their generation.
Mental health is only provided to those who can pay cash because the provider doesn’t take insurance or their commercial insurance doesn’t cover youth mental health.
The growing gap between the number of youth in need of care and providers able to serve them.
the freeze
The system fail of youth mental health treatment ending at the state line.
The practice of discontinuing youth mental health services due to inadequate payment for the provision of care.
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