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Here’s How YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION can Speak Your Minds and help us end this crisis.

We need organizations to join as advocates to end this crisis and build a working system of mental health care for youth in your state.

Step #1:

Sign up to become an official Partner of Speak Our Minds.

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Step #2:

Organize a film screening and panel event as a kick-off to initiate the initiative to push the pledge. “The Wait to Nowhere: When A Crisis Goes Untreated,” is a film the captures the direct consequences of a nation left without a working system of youth mental health care in a powerful manner leaving audiences with a desire to act. When coupled with a panel event that further explores the issues and the solutions, we create a perfect opportunity to engage people in pushing the pledge.

Speak Our Minds has created a turnkey toolkit to help you organize a successful event, which you will be given access to after signing up as a partner.

Step #3:

Push the Pledge. Engage the people in your organization and create a pledge that contains all the elements you know are important for a working mental health system for youth. Then fill it out and have every single person send that pledge to your governor demanding that immediate action be taken to help end this crisis.

Step #4:

OPTIONAL: Become a State Coalition Leader – Reserved only for those willing to take this is on in a BIG way! Do you have the kind of bully pulpit and network to organize people, organizations and businesses across your state? Then sign up to become a coalition leader and become the strategic partner in pushing the pledge in your state. Speak our Minds will help you every step of the way by equipping you with the resources you need to design a robust effort that will change the lives of youth in your state.

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