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Push the Pledge:

Call on your governor to pledge their commitment to end the youth mental health crisis by implementing the building blocks that will create a working system of mental health care that our youth and families need.


Providing full range of mental health services in an accessible and affordable manner.

Early identification and intervention

Identifying concerns as early as possible and providing appropriate support and services.

Comprehensive assessment

Understanding needs with thorough evaluations of mental health histories, current symptoms and impacts on daily life.

Family Involvement

Developing processes to ensure that family involvement extends to assessments, treatment planning and ongoing care, and providing family support and education.

Culturally responsive care

Providing services that are tailored to the needs of diverse patients, families and communities.

Evidence-based practices

Providing care using practices that are based on scientific research and proven to be effective in clinical settings.

Coordinated and collaborative care

Encouraging providers from different settings and disciplines to work together to provide comprehensive care.

Peer support

Providing opportunities for young people to connect with others who have similar experiences.

Speak Your Mind

Call on your governor to take the pledge to end the youth mental health crisis.

We recognize specific mental health challenges and opportunities are unique to each state. Therefore, these building blocks are guiding measures that may be used to create individual statewide initiatives to push the pledge.

Become a Partner

While we are the only organization focused entirely on creating an effective system to address the youth mental health crisis, we can’t do it alone.

We need your help to build a working system of youth mental health care. If you are an individual or organization interested in pushing the pledge and continuing to lay this groundwork, let us hear from you.

Sign up to be a partner and get involved.

Click here if you are an individual.

Click here if you represent an organization.

An African American teen boy looking sadly at the viewer with a bright green overlay of an organic brain-like pattern covering the top third of the image
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